Music of Things

Music is ebbing and flowing into my life with some vibrant and inspiring energy. I have had the chance to start work on two music related projects in the last two months and it has been great. That kind of artistic energy is so cool to see unfold. I am passionate about music and having another window into a musician’s life and process is so inspiring to me in my daily work life. I want to take a little bit of that artistic energy I’ve seen to the early morning and afternoon hours in a cubicled lifestyle. It is a bit hard to create that same feel and energy in my office environment full of plan sets, calculations, CAD work, and of course excel spreadsheets – surrounded by engineers and logic with deadlines, budgets, and lots and lots of pride – as opposed to collaborative creative steam to create beauty and perspective on the quieter and finer existential points of life.

I have been working a friend of mine to help craft some visuals for an album he and his band is currently in the process of recording their first album. Each of these musicians are hard working and creating music alongside jobs. A labor of love. It is awesome to watch and witness it unfold. So this last week getting the chance to hear and learn about a Nevada City, CA native’s quest to create music that is growing a new style and voice within her was wonderful. – Lindsay Clark.

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