I have been fielding a few requests lately for crowdfunding videos which offers me a unique opportunity as a videographer. The way I see it, they are short documentary snippets that want to pack as much content as gracefully as possible into a short time frame, while asking strangers, friends and family for money. This is not easy by any means and once you get in a spot where you have to talk yourself through it, things shift away from initial expectations of what it would feel like to go through with it in front of a camera.

So these projects come with a whole set of new challenges, and I feel like I am put in more of a position as a marketing advertising consultant rather than an artistic / film consultant. Either way having a chance to flex outside of my comfort zone has been valuable and fun, especially when I get to do it for musicians as with the two latest cases.

The biggest challenge that I have found with these is a compressed time frame during the preparation and storyboarding process all the way up to the finalizing post production. The musicians want to get into the studio, capture their energy and momentum and songs, and start sharing their art with their people pretty quickly. Their work tends to focus on the writing and recording process, not the money asking / explaining part. So we have to work together to find a balance. Crowdfunding videos can seem effortless but that is a mirage. 🙂

In both cases we were able to do this, and I am proud of what we were able to do together and grateful to have a window and a part in their process of creation.

Nate Labat – Scout

Lindsay Clark

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