y0ga et @ll v!deo

I have always been amazed by the practice of yoga and how people can control their bodies as well as the serenity and focus it gives those in that space. I am an amateur in the yoga studio but I do know my way around the mat. I am grateful when I leave a practice with levity and full breath. My mind is often opened during these times and I seem to engage fully and intentional on different levels following sessions. Those in the business call this a yoga high.

I am currently working on a project to create a 45 – 60 minute piece to work alongside a Forrest Yoga practice. The purpose is to match the style and feeling we all connect with when entering a yoga space and bringing that out of those practicing. To engage the students and teacher in a more dynamic and sensory element of the practice. To bring perspective and artistic influence to the movement, traction, and holding of poses – the intention is not to have the video be the directed or intended focus – but leaving space for the practice and flow of the class to be a driving force.

I was inspired by a curator with Interstitial Theater group in Seattle. Julia Greenway has been performing video art yoga class projected onto large walls and open spaces during her practice. She has done an amazing job and I was inspired and pushed by her efforts.

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