… *ahem _**_

  )* . > @ ‘ __ my work is focused on more personal endeavors, to create and capture well-worn beauty…it should be more common to support good things in the world which is what this project is aimed at, everything you see here on is an act of passion and art, from my own volition or for other folks, most of the time the reward is the act and process.

 [{ | % \  ‘ —_ i started in film work after 35mm b/w photography opened me pictures and shutters. i picked up a super 8mm camera as a curiosity and plunged into, a now defunct, filmmaking thing _- soot|and|chalk -_ that churned out a few short films for festivals. buoyant and enthusiastic i hold space well for people with a camera in hand. see you out there * ^ < . > ()_#…

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