Lemolo – early days secret show

Lemolo is a band that got their start & namesake from the western reaches of Seattle in Poulsbo, WA. If you find the pretty drive along the shore of  Liberty Bay you may understand the music a little bit better. I fell in love with the dream-pop vibe, energy & spacious music in the early  days at the City Arts music festival.

This is just an early fan capture of their music in the original two piece form with Meagan Grandall (angelic vocals & sweet keys) & Kendra Cox (who slays the drums & rhythms). This was taken in March of 2013, performing a handful of songs hours before heading off on a tour climaxing with a stop at SXSW.

Hosted by seattlelivingroomshows.com whose goal is to tune into an intimate setting for the artist and the listener. Lemolo is in new form since. Kendra left in 2013, leaving a 2nd, and 3rd / current  iteration behind. Lemolo still tours nationally and plays often in the dives and grandiose stages of Seattle, but now with a different drummer.



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