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starting in june of 2017 I have been working with the Youth Tutoring Program as a volunteer to create a video for their annual benefit brunch. I had lots of lofty and ambitious ideas and by the time January of 2018 rolled around I had way more footage and content then I really needed. I could probably make a 15-minute short film on this program, Seattle, and the families and communities it serves, but until then – the portrait video at the brunch was my goal!

In the years past, I worked as a volunteer tutor in Seattle in the Yesler neighborhood. My buddy Peter has been volunteering here for 10+ years! Working with the students through this program was so great on many levels for me. At the time I thought I wanted to be a teacher but found my passion and setting I work best in is outside the classroom. I adored my time at the Yesler Center with the students and it brought great insight and expansion to my day to day world.

After about 1 year my job moved me out of Seattle for a while so my time there ended, but when I did return to Seattle YTP was not far from my mind. This time instead of spending time on math and writing with the kids there, I chose to spend some time getting to know what their lives are like and how YTP has impacted them… all while trying not to forget to press record 🙂

I love working with kids and it was such an awesome reminder and reset of how I see joy and happiness in the world not to mention the fun I have working with them. The Redi’s were no exception and I was lucky to get to know them. I respect the work they are doing to achieve their goals. I was astounded at the awareness and wisdom they all have on their place in the world, their perspective, and the sincere gratitude and care they have for YTP, each other, and the sacrifices their parents have made for them. Pretty darn rad. In the words of the youngest Redi, Tommy, keep rockin it!”.

Song credits – to be replaced with Score for client use pending licensing:
Common Market – Swell
Made in Heights – Ghosts
Hiss Golden Messenger – Southern Grammar
Phosphorescent – Song for Zula
Blue Scholars – Slick Watts

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