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  • po=+ree ( *_ # wr!++=n v!$u@|

    Before I became intertwined in the visual art spectrum I spent hours writing and punching at typewriters, I was encapsulated by how people could masterfully weave beautiful thoughts together world by word. How they could dot and separate phrases to make the wind turn to a breeze and the hot sunlight slow down and soften into a…

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  • cr0w<|e<|

    x*%X### crowdfunding ___ modern age door to door sales with a coffee cup and s@|@v@tion @rmy b=ll. The way I see it, they are short documentary snippets that want to pack as much content as gracefully as possible into a short time frame, while asking strangers, friends and family for $$$ do to something a…

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  • y0ga et @ll v!deo

    I have always been amazed by the practice of yoga and how people can control their bodies as well as the serenity and focus it gives those in that space. I am an amateur in the yoga studio but I do know my way around the mat. I am grateful when I leave a practice…

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